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gbtTableWidgetBase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for gbtTableWidgetBase:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class handles some common overriding of wxSheet behavior common to the sheets used in the strategic game display.

Definition at line 51 of file nfgtable.cc.

Public Types

enum  {
enum  { EVT_VETOED = -1, EVT_SKIPPED = 0, EVT_CLAIMED = 1 }
enum  MouseCursorMode {
enum  SB_Mode {

Public Member Functions

virtual void AdjustScrollbars (bool calc_win_sizes=true)
wxPoint AlignInRect (int align, const wxRect &rect, const wxSize &size, bool inside=true) const
bool AppendCols (size_t numCols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool AppendRows (size_t numRows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
void AutoSize (bool setAsMin=true)
int AutoSizeCol (int col, bool setAsMin=true)
void AutoSizeColLabelWidth (int col)
void AutoSizeCols (bool setAsMin=true)
int AutoSizeRow (int row, bool setAsMin=true)
void AutoSizeRowLabelHeight (int row)
void AutoSizeRows (bool setAsMin=true)
void BeginBatch ()
wxRect BlockToDeviceRect (const wxSheetBlock &block, bool expand_spanned=true) const
wxRect BlockToLogicalRect (const wxSheetBlock &block, bool expand_spanned=true) const
wxRect BlockToRect (const wxSheetBlock &block, bool getDeviceRect=false) const
bool CalcCellsExposed (const wxRegion &reg, wxSheetSelection &blockSel) const
bool CalcColLabelsExposed (const wxRegion &reg, wxArrayInt &cols) const
bool CalcRowLabelsExposed (const wxRegion &reg, wxArrayInt &rows) const
wxPoint CalcScrolledPosition (const wxPoint &pt) const
void CalcScrolledPosition (int x, int y, int *xx, int *yy) const
wxRect CalcScrolledRect (const wxRect &r) const
wxPoint CalcUnscrolledPosition (const wxPoint &pt) const
void CalcUnscrolledPosition (int x, int y, int *xx, int *yy) const
wxRect CalcUnscrolledRect (const wxRect &r) const
virtual void CalcWindowSizes (bool adjustScrollBars=true)
bool CanDragColSize () const
bool CanDragGridSize () const
bool CanDragRowSize () const
bool CanEnableCellControl (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxRect CellToRect (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool getDeviceRect=false) const
void ClearValues (int update=wxSHEET_UpdateValues)
virtual wxSheet * Clone (wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY)
bool ContainsCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
bool ContainsColLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
bool ContainsGridCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
bool ContainsGridCol (int col) const
bool ContainsGridRow (int row) const
bool ContainsRowLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
bool CopyCurrentSelectionInternal (bool copy_cursor=true)
bool CopyCurrentSelectionToClipboard (bool copy_cursor=true, const wxChar &colSep=wxT('\t'))
bool CopyInternalSelectionToClipboard (const wxChar &colSep=wxT('\t'))
wxString CopyInternalSelectionToString (const wxChar &colSep=wxT('\t'))
bool CopyStringToSelection (const wxString &value, const wxChar &colSep=wxT('\t'))
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxWANTS_CHARS, const wxString &name=wxT("wxSheet"))
bool CreateGrid (int numRows, int numCols, int options=0)
bool CurrentlyPasting () const
bool DeleteCols (size_t col, size_t numCols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool DeleteRows (size_t row, size_t numRows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
virtual bool DeselectCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool DeselectCol (int col, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool DeselectCols (int colLeft, int colRight, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool DeselectRow (int row, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool DeselectRows (int rowTop, int rowBottom, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool Destroy ()
bool DisableCellEditControl (bool save_value)
void DisableDragColSize ()
void DisableDragGridSize ()
void DisableDragRowSize ()
bool DoEndDragResizeRowCol ()
const wxSheetCellAttr & DoGetDefaultColLabelAttr () const
const wxSheetCellAttr & DoGetDefaultCornerLabelAttr () const
const wxSheetCellAttr & DoGetDefaultGridAttr () const
const wxSheetCellAttr & DoGetDefaultRowLabelAttr () const
virtual bool DoMoveCursor (const wxSheetCoords &relCoords, bool expandSelection)
virtual bool DoMoveCursorBlock (const wxSheetCoords &relDir, bool expandSelection)
virtual bool DoMoveCursorUpDownPage (bool page_up, bool expandSelection)
int DoSendEvent (wxSheetEvent *event)
virtual void DrawAllGridLines (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
virtual void DrawCell (wxDC &dc, const wxSheetCoords &coords)
virtual void DrawCellBorder (wxDC &dc, const wxSheetCoords &coords)
virtual void DrawColLabels (wxDC &dc, const wxArrayInt &cols)
virtual void DrawCornerLabel (wxDC &dc)
virtual void DrawCursorHighlight (wxDC &dc, const wxSheetSelection &blockSel)
virtual void DrawGridCells (wxDC &dc, const wxSheetSelection &blockSel)
virtual void DrawGridSpace (wxDC &dc)
virtual void DrawRowColResizingMarker (int newDragPos=-1)
virtual void DrawRowLabels (wxDC &dc, const wxArrayInt &rows)
virtual void DrawSplitterButton (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect)
void DrawTextRectangle (wxDC &dc, const wxArrayString &lines, const wxRect &, int alignment=wxALIGN_LEFT|wxALIGN_TOP, int textOrientation=wxHORIZONTAL)
void DrawTextRectangle (wxDC &dc, const wxString &value, const wxRect &rect, int alignment=wxALIGN_LEFT|wxALIGN_TOP, int textOrientation=wxHORIZONTAL)
virtual bool Enable (bool enable=true)
bool EnableCellEditControl (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
void EnableDragColSize (bool enable=true)
void EnableDragGridSize (bool enable=true)
void EnableDragRowSize (bool enable=true)
void EnableEditing (bool edit)
void EnableGridLines (int dir=wxBOTH)
void EnableSplitHorizontally (bool can_split)
void EnableSplitVertically (bool can_split)
void EndBatch (bool refresh=true)
wxSheetBlock ExpandSpannedBlock (const wxSheetBlock &block) const
int FindOverflowCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxDC &dc)
virtual void Fit ()
void ForceRefresh ()
virtual wxSheetCellAttr GetAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
int GetAttrAlignment (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
const wxColour & GetAttrBackgroundColour (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
wxSheetCellEditor GetAttrEditor (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
const wxFont & GetAttrFont (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
const wxColour & GetAttrForegoundColour (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
int GetAttrLevel (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
int GetAttrOrientation (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
bool GetAttrOverflow (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
bool GetAttrOverflowMarker (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
bool GetAttrReadOnly (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
wxSheetCellRenderer GetAttrRenderer (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
bool GetAttrShowEditor (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrAny) const
int GetBatchCount () const
wxWindow * GetCaptureWindow () const
wxSize GetCellBestSize (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxDC *dc=NULL) const
virtual wxSheetBlock GetCellBlock (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSheetCoords GetCellOwner (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSize GetCellSize (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSheetCoords GetCellSpan (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
virtual wxString GetCellValue (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
int GetColBestWidth (int col) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetColLabelAttr (int col) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetColLabelCellAttr (int col) const
int GetColLabelHeight (bool zero_not_shown=true) const
wxString GetColLabelValue (int col)
wxSheetChildWindow * GetColLabelWindow () const
int GetColLeft (int col) const
int GetColRight (int col) const
int GetColWidth (int col) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetCornerLabelAttr () const
wxString GetCornerLabelValue ()
wxSheetChildWindow * GetCornerLabelWindow () const
const wxColour & GetCursorCellHighlightColour () const
int GetCursorCellHighlightPenWidth () const
int GetCursorCellHighlightROPenWidth () const
wxSheetCellAttr GetDefaultAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetDefaultColLabelAttr () const
int GetDefaultColLabelHeight () const
int GetDefaultColWidth () const
virtual wxSheetCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
virtual wxSheetCellEditor GetDefaultEditorForType (const wxString &typeName) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetDefaultGridCellAttr () const
virtual wxSheetCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
virtual wxSheetCellRenderer GetDefaultRendererForType (const wxString &typeName) const
int GetDefaultRowHeight () const
wxSheetCellAttr GetDefaultRowLabelAttr () const
int GetDefaultRowLabelWidth () const
int GetDragCellSize () const
const wxSheetCellEditor & GetEditControl () const
const wxSheetCoords & GetEditControlCoords () const
bool GetEnableSplitHorizontally () const
bool GetEnableSplitVertically () const
wxSheetCellAttr GetGridAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetGridCellAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetGridColAttr (int col) const
const wxSheetCoords & GetGridCursorCell () const
int GetGridCursorCol () const
int GetGridCursorRow () const
wxSize GetGridExtent () const
const wxColour & GetGridLineColour () const
const wxPoint & GetGridOrigin () const
wxSheetCellAttr GetGridRowAttr (int row) const
wxSize GetGridVirtualSize (bool add_margin=true) const
wxSheetChildWindow * GetGridWindow () const
const wxColour & GetLabelOutlineColour () const
int GetMinimalAcceptableColWidth () const
int GetMinimalAcceptableRowHeight () const
int GetMinimalColWidth (int col) const
int GetMinimalRowHeight (int row) const
int GetMouseCursorMode (int mask=~0) const
int GetNumberCols () const
int GetNumberRows () const
virtual wxSheetCellAttr GetOrCreateAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type) const
int GetRowBestHeight (int row) const
int GetRowBottom (int row) const
int GetRowHeight (int row) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetRowLabelAttr (int row) const
wxSheetCellAttr GetRowLabelCellAttr (int row) const
wxString GetRowLabelValue (int row)
int GetRowLabelWidth (bool zero_not_shown=true) const
wxSheetChildWindow * GetRowLabelWindow () const
int GetRowTop (int row) const
int GetScrollBarMode () const
const wxSheetCoords & GetSelectingAnchor () const
const wxSheetBlock & GetSelectingBlock () const
wxSheetSelection * GetSelection () const
const wxColour & GetSelectionBackground () const
const wxColour & GetSelectionForeground () const
int GetSelectionMode () const
wxSheetRefData * GetSheetRefData () const
const wxSheetSelection * GetSpannedBlocks () const
wxSheetTable * GetTable () const
bool GetTextBoxSize (wxDC &dc, const wxArrayString &lines, long *width, long *height) const
wxSheetBlock GetVisibleGridCellsBlock (bool wholeCellVisible=false) const
wxWindow * GetWindowForCoords (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
int GridLinesEnabled () const
virtual bool HasCellValue (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
bool HasFocus () const
bool HasMouseCursorMode (int mode) const
bool HasSelectionMode (int mode)
virtual bool HasSpannedCells () const
bool HideCellEditControl ()
void HighlightSelectingBlock (const wxSheetCoords &cornerCell, const wxSheetCoords &otherCell)
virtual void HighlightSelectingBlock (const wxSheetBlock &selectingBlock)
bool InitAttr (wxSheetCellAttr &initAttr, const wxSheetCellAttr &defAttr) const
bool InsertCols (size_t col, size_t numCols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool InsertRows (size_t row, size_t numRows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool IsCellEditControlCreated () const
bool IsCellEditControlShown () const
bool IsCellSelected (int row, int col) const
bool IsCellShown (const wxSheetCoords &coords) const
bool IsCellVisible (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool wholeCellVisible=true) const
bool IsColVisible (int col, bool wholeColVisible=true) const
bool IsEditable () const
bool IsRowVisible (int row, bool wholeRowVisible=true) const
bool IsSelecting () const
wxSheetBlock LogicalGridRectToBlock (const wxRect &rect, bool wholeCell=false) const
void MakeCellVisible (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
bool MoveCursorDown (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorDownBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorDownPage (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorLeft (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorLeftBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorRight (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorRightBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorUp (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorUpBlock (bool expandSelection)
bool MoveCursorUpPage (bool expandSelection)
bool NeedsHorizontalScrollBar () const
bool NeedsVerticalScrollBar () const
void OnMouse (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnMouseWheel (wxMouseEvent &event)
void OnScroll (wxScrollEvent &event)
virtual void PaintColLabelWindow (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
virtual void PaintCornerLabelWindow (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
virtual void PaintGridWindow (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
virtual void PaintRowLabelWindow (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
virtual void PaintSheetWindow (wxDC &dc, const wxRegion &reg)
bool PasteFromClipboard (const wxSheetCoords &topLeft=wxNullSheetCoords, const wxChar &colSep=wxT('\t'))
virtual bool PasteInternalCopiedSelection (const wxSheetCoords &topLeft=wxNullSheetCoords)
virtual void PrepareColLabelDC (wxDC &dc)
virtual void PrepareGridDC (wxDC &dc)
virtual void PrepareRowLabelDC (wxDC &dc)
void ProcessColLabelMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void ProcessCornerLabelMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void ProcessGridCellMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void ProcessRowLabelMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
void ProcessSheetMouseEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
virtual void Refresh (bool eraseb=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
void RefreshAttrChange (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type)
void RefreshBlock (const wxSheetBlock &block)
void RefreshCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool single_cell=true)
void RefreshCol (int col)
void RefreshColLabelWindow (bool eraseb=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
void RefreshCornerLabelWindow (bool eraseb=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
void RefreshGridCellBlock (const wxSheetBlock &block)
void RefreshGridWindow (bool eraseb=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
void RefreshRow (int row)
void RefreshRowLabelWindow (bool eraseb=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
void RefSheet (wxSheet *otherSheet)
void RegisterDataType (const wxString &typeName, const wxSheetCellRenderer &renderer, const wxSheetCellEditor &editor)
void SaveEditControlValue ()
int SendEvent (const wxEventType type, const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxEvent *mouseOrKeyEvt=NULL)
int SendRangeEvent (const wxEventType type, const wxSheetBlock &block, bool selecting, bool add, wxEvent *mouseOrKeyEvt=NULL)
virtual void SetAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr, wxSheetAttr_Type type)
void SetAttrAlignment (const wxSheetCoords &coords, int align, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrBackgroundColour (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxColour &colour, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrEditor (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellEditor &editor, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrFont (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxFont &font, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrForegroundColour (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxColour &colour, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrLevel (const wxSheetCoords &coords, int level, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrOrientation (const wxSheetCoords &coords, int orientation, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrOverflow (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool allow, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrOverflowMarker (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool draw_marker, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrReadOnly (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool isReadOnly, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrRenderer (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellRenderer &renderer, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetAttrShowEditor (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool show_editor, wxSheetAttr_Type type=wxSHEET_AttrCell)
void SetCaptureWindow (wxWindow *win)
void SetCellSpan (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCoords &numRowsCols)
virtual void SetCellSpan (const wxSheetBlock &block)
virtual void SetCellValue (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxString &value)
void SetColFormatBool (int col)
void SetColFormatCustom (int col, const wxString &typeName)
void SetColFormatFloat (int col, int width=-1, int precision=-1)
void SetColFormatNumber (int col)
void SetColLabelCellAttr (int col, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetColLabelHeight (int height)
void SetColLabelValue (int col, const wxString &value)
void SetColWidth (int col, int width)
void SetCornerLabelAttr (const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetCornerLabelValue (const wxString &value)
void SetCursorCellHighlightColour (const wxColour &colour)
void SetCursorCellHighlightPenWidth (int width)
void SetCursorCellHighlightROPenWidth (int width)
void SetDefaultAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetDefaultColLabelAttr (const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetDefaultColWidth (int width, bool resizeExistingCols=false)
void SetDefaultGridCellAttr (const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetDefaultRowHeight (int height, bool resizeExistingRows=false)
void SetDefaultRowLabelAttr (const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetDragCellSize (int type, bool enable)
void SetDragCellSize (int type)
void SetEqualColWidths (int min_width)
void SetGridCellAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetGridColAttr (int col, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetGridCursorCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
void SetGridLineColour (const wxColour &colour)
void SetGridOrigin (const wxPoint &pt, bool adjustScrollBars=true, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual void SetGridOrigin (int x, int y, bool adjustScrollBars=true, bool sendEvt=false)
void SetGridRowAttr (int row, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetHorizontalScrollBarMode (int mode)
void SetLabelOutlineColour (const wxColour &colour)
void SetMargins (int width, int height)
void SetMinimalAcceptableColWidth (int width)
void SetMinimalAcceptableRowHeight (int height)
void SetMinimalColWidth (int col, int width)
void SetMinimalRowHeight (int row, int height)
void SetMouseCursorMode (MouseCursorMode mode, wxWindow *win)
bool SetNumberCells (size_t rows, size_t cols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool SetNumberCols (size_t cols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool SetNumberRows (size_t rows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
void SetRowHeight (int row, int height)
void SetRowLabelCellAttr (int row, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr)
void SetRowLabelValue (int row, const wxString &value)
void SetRowLabelWidth (int width)
void SetScrollBarMode (int mode)
void SetSelectingAnchor (const wxSheetCoords &selectingAnchor)
void SetSelectingBlock (const wxSheetBlock &selectingBlock)
void SetSelectionBackground (const wxColour &c)
void SetSelectionForeground (const wxColour &c)
void SetSelectionMode (wxSheetSelectionMode_Type selmode)
bool SetTable (wxSheetTable *table, bool takeOwnership)
void SetVerticalScrollBarMode (int mode)
bool ShowCellEditControl ()
int StringToLines (const wxString &value, wxArrayString &lines) const
virtual bool ToggleCellSelection (const wxSheetCoords &coords, bool addToSelected=false, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool ToggleColSelection (int col, bool addToSelected=false, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool ToggleRowSelection (int row, bool addToSelected=false, bool sendEvt=false)
virtual bool UpdateCols (size_t col, int numCols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
virtual bool UpdateRows (size_t row, int numRows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
int XToEdgeOfGridCol (int x) const
int XToGridCol (int x, bool clipToMinMax=false) const
wxSheetCoords XYToGridCell (int x, int y, bool clipToMinMax=false) const
int YToEdgeOfGridRow (int y) const
int YToGridRow (int y, bool clipToMinMax=false) const
Drop target interaction
virtual bool DropText (int p_x, int p_y, const wxString &p_text)
 Called when the drop target receives text.
 gbtTableWidgetBase (wxWindow *p_parent, wxWindowID p_id, const wxPoint &p_pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &p_size=wxDefaultSize, long p_style=wxWANTS_CHARS, const wxString &p_name=wxT("wxSheet"))
Access to scrollbars from underlying wxSheet
wxScrollBar * GetHorizontalScrollBar (void) const
 Get the horizontal scrollbar.
wxScrollBar * GetVerticalScrollBar (void) const
 Get the vertical scrollbar.

Static Public Member Functions

static wxSheetCell_Type GetCellCoordsType (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static bool IsColLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static bool IsCornerLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static bool IsGridCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static bool IsLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static bool IsRowLabelCell (const wxSheetCoords &coords)
static int SetAlignment (int orig_align, int hAlign, int vAlign)

Protected Types

enum  KeyModifiers {
  NO_MODIFIERS = 0, CTRL_DOWN = 0x0001, SHIFT_DOWN = 0x0002, ALT_DOWN = 0x0004,
  META_DOWN = 0x0008

Protected Member Functions

void CacheAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, const wxSheetCellAttr &attr, wxSheetAttr_Type type) const
void ClearAttrCache ()
virtual wxSize DoGetBestSize () const
bool DoUpdateCols (size_t col, int numCols, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
bool DoUpdateRows (size_t row, int numRows, int update=wxSHEET_UpdateAll)
void DrawCursorCellHighlight (wxDC &, const wxSheetCellAttr &)
 Overriding wxSheet member to suppress drawing of cursor.
int GetKeyModifiers (wxEvent *mouseOrKeyEvent) const
bool GetModelValues ()
bool LookupAttr (const wxSheetCoords &coords, wxSheetAttr_Type type, wxSheetCellAttr &attr) const
void OnCellLeftClick (wxSheetEvent &)
 Overriding wxSheet member to show editor on one click.
void OnChar (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnEraseBackground (wxEraseEvent &)
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnKeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event)
void OnMouseTimer (wxTimerEvent &event)
void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
bool SetModelValues ()
void StartMouseTimer ()
void StopMouseTimer ()
Overriding wxSheet members to disable selection behavior
bool ClearSelection (bool=false)
bool DeselectBlock (const wxSheetBlock &, bool=false)
bool HasSelection (bool=true) const
bool IsCellSelected (const wxSheetCoords &) const
bool IsColSelected (int) const
bool IsRowSelected (int) const
bool SelectAll (bool=false)
bool SelectBlock (const wxSheetBlock &, bool=false, bool=false)
bool SelectCell (const wxSheetCoords &, bool=false, bool=false)
bool SelectCol (int, bool=false, bool=false)
bool SelectCols (int, int, bool=false, bool=false)
bool SelectRow (int, bool=false, bool=false)
bool SelectRows (int, int, bool=false, bool=false)

Protected Attributes

int m_batchCount
wxSheetCellAttr m_cacheAttr
wxSheetCoords m_cacheAttrCoords
int m_cacheAttrType
wxSheetChildWindow * m_colLabelWin
wxSheetChildWindow * m_cornerLabelWin
int m_dragLastPos
int m_dragRowOrCol
bool m_enable_split_horiz
bool m_enable_split_vert
wxPoint m_gridOrigin
wxSheetChildWindow * m_gridWin
wxScrollBar * m_horizScrollBar
wxRect m_horizSplitRect
bool m_inOnKeyDown
bool m_isDragging
bool m_keySelecting
MouseCursorMode m_mouseCursor
MouseCursorMode m_mouseCursorMode
wxPoint m_mousePos
wxTimer * m_mouseTimer
bool m_resizing
wxSheetChildWindow * m_rowLabelWin
int m_scrollBarMode
wxPoint m_startDragPos
wxScrollBar * m_vertScrollBar
wxRect m_vertSplitRect
bool m_waitForSlowClick
wxWindow * m_winCapture

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